My bags are all packed and I´m leaving for a vaccation.

Will be back in a couple of weeks.

Take care


well well here I am again thanks to Suzan.

She asked me yesterday......where is that accordian card you said that you had done?
ooooopppps forgot ALL about that


here it is.......made it a few weeks ago........

and I used this tutorial, she makes such great videos!!

first the front

a close up on my homemade flower and emobossed heart

first side...........

and second side for some notes.....

third side with a clearembossed image and some background stamps.....

AND fourth side!!

Here you can see  two pictures of the whole "album"!

That´s it from me
don´t know when I`ll be back again because I have a HARD time doing postings on blogg.se
Maybe I should get me a new blogg BUT with my son living in Spain AND me sooooo bad on computers I don´t know when or if that EVER will happen!

Take care my friends and sending BIG hugs to you all

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